Monday, December 31, 2012

30 Things To Do While 30


1.  Lose 15 pounds.  You are thinking WHY is this at the top of your list?! and the reason is because I think it is probably one of the biggest things I need to do but also the easiest.

2.  Go to California and visit: Disneyland  - Sea World SD - Pacific Ocean

3.  Spend time with good friends.  Let them know just how much they mean to us. Life is so much better with the company of good friends.

4.  Write someone a letter.

5.  Work hard at accomplish the Texas Bucket list (get halfway through it at least).

6.  Plan our move to Ohio.  Find a house.

7.  Organize my home -- including: Sell off lots of things.  Get a label system working for our homeschool materials (I'll write a homeschool post soon, maybe!).  Plan how organizing this home will make our move smoother and more organized.

8.  Sew something for each child.  I have a board on pinterest.  See it here. 

9.  Do the 30 day Mom Challenge. Found here.

10.  Take part in a 30 day photo challenge. 

11.  Take 12 photos of 6.  (A family photo each month) 4/12

12.  Have a picnic.

13.  Plan a 1st Birthday party for Autzee.

14.  See the ocean:  Pacific. Atlantic. Gulf Coast.

15.  Do the couch to 5k challenge.  (This makes me laugh a little).

16.  Spend a day with the kids doing Random Acts of Kindness.

17.  Learn to bake some really delicious sugar cookies with frosting.  I wonder if I have any friends willing to teach me?  (Thank you, Melissa!!!)

18.  Cook a turkey.

19.  See fireworks.

20.  Clean out my clothes - upcycle some to new wardrobe ideas. Donate the clothes that don't fit to people who could use them.  Find something to wear other than jeans and t-shirts.  

21.  Make jewelry.  Like, some nice jewelry projects with the kids.  I need to look on pinterest for ideas - have anything that would look good? Let me know.

22.  Get a haircut.  Learn how to style my hair better using my I don't spend every morning straightening them out!

23.  Go hiking.  Preferably here.

24.  Eat frozen yogurt.  (You're thinking this is easy...but since I'm dairy free right now it really is not so easy!  Hopefully I'll add dairy back in when A4 is 6-9m...)

25.  Join the Y.

26.  Teach Peanut to read.

27.  Take a cake decorating class.

28.  Support our troops.  Find someone to "adopt" overseas so the kids can send letters and small packages to them.  Seen here.

29.  Make a photo collage of our time in Texas.  I can't link to this but my Mom just had one done of Boston and I really like it so I want one from Texas.  I may even want one from Virginia so maybe one of my Virginia friends will make me one?!  (I will get a photo from my Mom of the Boston photo and post it so y'all can see what I am talking about).

30.  Teach the kids the importance of volunteering. It's often hard to volunteer when you have little kids.  I did see a program in Ohio that I would like to participate in called 4 Paws for Ability.  The kids can help socialize the dogs. 

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