Thursday, July 19, 2012 is almost time!

I have done a really bad job keeping the blog very many reasons. In fact, I got to thinking about how awesome I was at blogging while pregnant with Achoo. I took photos every week, had great updates...yes, not so much these days. It isn't that I forget that I'm pregnant its more that life is very busy....very busy!

Soooo....finally, I'm going to update y'all. Let's see if you didn't know...I'm pregnant! I'm due 8.23 so in just FIVE short weeks. That makes me *gasp* THIRTY FIVE weeks pregnant. I have not really prepped for this baby's arrival...its just that when you're on your fourth kid what do you need, really...what do I need...nothing but that little bundle of joy in my arms!

Anyways, last week someone asked me when I was due...I said 2-3 months and then I gasped in shock....seriously, I'm due next soon.

The baby is a surprise...boy or girl...we will not know until birth. It has been different this go round because normally Vegas and I have settled on a name by about 20 weeks and have had some real bonding time with the name. Up until about two weeks ago we still did not have solid names. We each had our own list of names we liked, those we hated...and well, to make it difficult we are keeping with the A's!

I'm happy to say we have a boy and girl FIRST name - the middle names are still a work in progress though they are fairly narrowed down.

This pregnancy has been very different than my last three pregnancies. In the end, I will have gained more than the girls and significantly less than Achoo. I do not look nearly as pregnant as I am (well, in my eyes)...I'm for the most part very comfortable...I have had some braxton hicks contractions but not many...I like the same foods as I did with all the kids...I had the same amount of nausea...TIME WILL TELL!!!

Here is a photo from 32 weeks:


And, here is TODAY's photo (35 weeks):


I also created a can check it out HERE...please tell me: BOY or GIRL? Height? Weight? Arrival?

Oh...and to help you out...A1 was 7.11, A2 was 7.13 and A3 was a whopping 6.5! Best of luck!

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Erika said...

it's a girl. 7 pounds, 6 oz! :-) you look fabulous!!!