Monday, July 2, 2012


While we were in TN we did lots of fun things. One of the things we did was visit the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. The girls love Botanical Gardens - they love looking at the flowers, seeing the exhibits and the open areas to run. I have to say that of all the gardens we visited the Norfolk Botanical Garden was by far the best...and San Antonio Botanical Garden is beyond lacking (we visited for the Butterfly exhibit last year and only saw ONE butterfly!).

Anways...back to our trip!

We took the kids to Cheekwood because they had a treehouse exhibit for the kids. There were seven different tree houses they could see, climb on and explore...

This was the first tree house...


You could climb up a ramp and go down a slide...the kids thought it was a lot of fun.


This was the next one...that the kids absolutely loved. It was THE FAVORITE one!


Do you know how hard it is to get all the kids looking at the camera?


I was much more successful with this photo...


This was another favorite...


Vegas thought this one was pretty cool...I guess its constructed of all CDs.


This one was fun too --


The other side of it had a slide...


(I'm realizing not all my photos updated right about case you're wondering what I'm thinking.)

By the time we were done visiting the seven houses...and we hadn't even really been there that long...the kids were hot and tired...


Gator was in much better spirits about the heat than the other two...


I really love that photo...its great!

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