Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our babe...A4.

The next A is coming!


And, he or she is going to surprise us in August with the gender!! I think its a girl (a few reasons) and the chinese gender calendar thinks its a boy. Vegas thinks its crazy to guess...Gator thinks its a girl, Peanut thinks its a boy...then she thought it was a girl with a boy baby in her belly...and well, Achoo thinks everyone has a baby in their belly these days. I guess the good news is it appears to be healthy and either a boy or a girl! My odds so far 1/3 (I was right with Gator) and the Chinese gender calendar 3/3 (weird that it was right every time!).

A few belly shots...I'm slacking this go round...18 weeks:


and 20 weeks...

...I'm really slacking. As I'm currently 22 weeks soon to be 23 weeks! YIKES!!!

So, any guesses? And of course any name suggestions?

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