Friday, April 27, 2012

Achoo is 21 months...


So, Achoo is 21 months old...but really, since I'm slacking he's ALMOST 22 months old. Here are the photos I took around early April to document his 21 month old little self;)


He's the most adorable little man ever. He has the cutest blonde hair and deep brown eyes...with the most beautiful eyelashes ever (thanks Vegas!).


He's got the cutest little curls that show under his hat...(go sox!).


He is very serious...but very lovable, too!


He loves to give kisses and hugs...but he also enjoys biting and pinching...hmm. We're working on that.

He's growing big -- see he's outgrowing his hat!


It seems like I take a lot of photos of him watching things...hmm. I really have to say he doesn't watch THAT much tv.


He does love Elmo, Mickey, Word World...and Meet the Colors. Have you seen Meet the Colors? Its so annoying but highly educational!

He loves his puppies -- the girls always called them puppies and he calls them dogs. Technically they are dogs...since they are 7 & 8 but they'll always be puppies in my eyes!


The dog-dogs are very tolerant of him climbing on them and screaming and chasing them....but they know its all worth it because he shares his food...


Aside from that 21 months has been great. He's really growing more into a little boy than a toddler. He loves to play with his sisters. He loves reading books...loves, loves, loves books. He's an artist, unfortunately he may have accidentally colored some items that he shouldn't...but its art :) I'm excited and scared to see what the upcoming months will bring!!! Watch out for 22 months - its in just a few days!

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