Monday, March 5, 2012

Local Food.

I am really tired of chain lately we have been trying some not-so-chain restaurants.

We found this adorable place in New Braunfels, TX called the Red Rooster Cafe!!

The food was good - they serve breakfast all day so Peanut was thrilled she could have eggs, sausage and toast for dinner! Gator had chicken and while I did not try it...I'm going to be honest that was some good looking chicken! They had a play area out back, antiques inside AND an old fashioned ice cream/soda fountain shoppe up front! Oh, and cupcakes...what's better than cupcakes?

There is this rooster that stands out front and reminds me of the Rooster Story that floated around facebook last each time I get a good laugh. I've even recently seen some for sale!

If you are close by -- you should try it! Just check the hours because we did not do that at first and went when they were closed!

No photo standing next to the GIANT rooster out front - maybe next time? But for is a photo of the kids & big boy inside!



Kelly said...

I never heard that rooster story before... now I want one!

FourJedis said...

I want to eat there! How cool. Are you going to keep exploring the local digs?

mum2abby said...

Of course!!!!! Though I don't know if I will blog about it unless its really good!! :) I need to find some time to make it to Salt Lick in Driftwood not Round Rock...but they have odd hours!! When you coming to TX? We can go find local food together heheh.

mum2abby said...

Kelly - how did you not hear about the rooster??? I liked her fb page yesterday hahah!!!!