Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm a week late.

The baby boy is 20 months old. TWENTY. I keep looking at him and thinking "you are so big...yet so small"! At this point when Peanut was 20 months old I was preparing for his arrival! And, I'm so very thankful that I have a little longer to prepare for this one's arrival!

He is such a happy little guy. Here we are at the park last week (on March 1).


He loves going to the park. He loves to run and play with his sisters...and for the most part he likes to try new things! We stopped and got donuts from a local donut place for a snack -- he was thrilled! YUM donuts!!


I tried to get him to throw rocks into the water and what not in the little "creek" at the park. He freaked out though...water, mud, rocks...I think not...


He'd much rather run in the field, play with balls, trucks, ride on toys...go down the slide, climb up the ladder and

I love how he chats up a storm these days...his expressions when he is trying to tell you something is priceless!




Yup, he had a dirty shoe...and ew, he wanted it off. I have to say I picked a day to go to the park where it was wet and muddy...but lately it feels like every day is wet and muddy. It has been raining a lot here. More rain this week too!

He's got quite a few new words this favorite is his newest addiction with Elmo "mo-mo". He asks to watch it anytime he sees my phone...or the girls ipods...or the tv...the little addict! We don't watch that much TV but he does probably get a full hour of Sesame Street a day!

Here he is watching it the other day...


He really is such a great little guy...lots of words, lots of fun, loves to eat -- oh, does he love to eat! But, he has a mean little side to him as well...he pinches, bites and screams if he doesn't get what he wants...we're slowly teaching him this isn't right but we are realizing it is a SLOW (and painful) process!

Stay tuned for next'll be here before we know it because TIME FLIES!!!

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FourJedis said...

My goodness, he is so cute! I love his long lashes... looks like he has so much to say for such a little dude. <3