Monday, February 6, 2012

Funny times this month.

I really need to write down everything funny that the kids say, take photos and videos of the funny things the kids do...because they are hilarious!

This month -- we took the kids to the dentist. Gator wore her leotard because she had gymnastics before and after the appointment. Peanut jumped into the seat first and had her teeth cleaned she was so excited. Then she asked the hygentist "so when is the boy coming" -- meaning the dentist who is a 50 yr old really incredibly tall man (like thing 6'6'' or taller!). Gator got into the seat and did well and even Achoo had his teeth looked at. All went well. Then the dentist asked if it was cold to be wearing that outfit to Gator...and she said "this is for gymnastics not the dentist" and he laughed and thought she dressed like that just to go to the dentist. He said "you should see how the young girls dress these days" -- yes, I know. LOL.


So, we were at home playing dress up and I said "Peanut what are you wearing?" and she replied with "Mom I'm wearing pants on my shoulders because they don't fit on my belly"...


Gotta love dress up!


Many other things have been said...some which I can remember but cannot repeat and others which I completely forget! Wish I had my camera on last night though so I could get video of the girls dancing to the halftime show of the super bowl -- oh that was priceless!!!

What funny things have your kids done lately?

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FourJedis said...

I love your kids... so cute, so sweet, so funny. I can't repeat the junk Yoda says on a family-oriented blog.