Monday, February 6, 2012

19 months.

Little man is 19 months old. Seriously. It shocks me everytime someone says "how old is he"! I cannot believe how quickly time goes.


Here is a photo of the little man-dude. Let me tell you having boys and girls are completely different. See that cup in front of him? I bought one for each girl - not for him. There were a couple it not having a top and well, it having hearts all over it. I thought "too girly". He fights for it everytime he sees it. Apparently, the one thing I forgot is when you have girls in the house and bring a little boy doesn't matter he too will wear heals, dress in tutus and want to drink from heart cups with twirly straws...and its all part of growing up!

The good news is some day some fabulous girl is gonna marry him and they can thank his sisters for making him into the sensitive little man he is....every guy needs a sister...really they do.

He teaches us so many important lessones on everything from how to love unconditionally, to smiling at the silly things to making sure we leave the dryer door shut completely...


Happy 19 Months man-dude!!!

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FourJedis said...

He is precious. I can't speak for having girls, but having boys is its own adventure... one after another.