Monday, January 30, 2012

Achoo is 18 months on Jan 1.


This is Achoo's 18 month photo. He turned 18 months on Jan 1. Can you believe it?

18 months was quite a blur as we traveled for the first two weeks of January. He took his first plane ride from Austin, TX to Boston, MA. I wish I could say he loved it but let's just say we all survived.

We got to see some family in Boston, swim in the hotels pool and have a little downtime before returning home.

Achoo is busy these days. He runs at lightening speed and babbles just as fast. He has a few favorite words 'pop' for lollipop -- yes, I really wish that wasn't one of his words but the swim place always has them out and he's found them *sigh* Momma, Da-Da, Dog, Milk, Juice, Food, Eat, Fish, Cookie (do you see a trend?) Quack (this is for duck, what a duck says and chicken nugget -- don't ask!) up, down, NOOOOOOOOO, jump, choo (choo-choo train)...oh the list goes on. He's funny!!! Oh, and his stats: 25 pounds, 33 inches.

What will 19 months bring (hopefully a better blogging Momma). Here is a link for Peanut at 18 months and here is a link to Gator at 18 months...

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FourJedis said...

I feel like he was just born... where did the time go? :(