Monday, December 12, 2011


Christmas is coming faster than I can believe.

This year, I decided to start a new family tradition. Enough of the millions of toys that we just are not using...the big pile of items that gets shoved and forgotten about. I want MEANINGFUL things. Not things that I find in the closet still unopened ten months later! (I, uh, may have found 50% of the items I/We bought the kids for Christmas last year unused and unopened...whoops!)

I heard about this awesome idea - WANT NEED WEAR READ. I was skeptical at first but I mentioned it to Vegas and thought "maybe this could help simplify Christmas"!

We decided to go for it. So, the kids would receive this Christmas one want, one need, one wear and one read each from us. They would receive one gift from Santa and their Christmas stocking.

I made these adorable tags so that we could re-use them each year.

You are probably thinking that we are limiting our kids and not spoiling them...or maybe you are thinking we are giving too much? Each family is different. I have to say that while the thought of "want need wear read" was easy picking one item was VERY difficult! It felt like I kept finding good deals on things that were "cool" or that the kids "might like" or seeing really great deals on things that they might grow to like...I pushed all that aside and we seriously thought. We asked the kids what they wanted...and this my friends is what my kids are receiving for Christmas!!

Gator: WANT - NEED - WEAR - READ - SANTA and a stocking.

Peant: WANT(a big box of clearanced out Halloween costumes for dress up) - NEED (same as Gator) - WEAR (same as Gator) - READ - SANTA and a stocking filled with some snacks and a new coloring book!

Achoo: WANT - NEED (toothbrush that makes animal noises) - WEAR (Gymboree Little Bro shirt) - READ (ABC book made by us of the ABC's of our family) - SANTA and a stocking filled with his favorite snacks and a few small cars.

So, all in all, we aimed for things the kids would LOVE and use daily. They aren't getting over loaded with toys...we didn't spend a fortune and we really think they will be excited about this tradition each year! And, the tags look adorable on the my opinion of course:)

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Kelly said...

I love this idea... I sooo need to remember it when the time comes! You'll have to let us know what the kids think of the new tradition...