Monday, December 12, 2011

So, its been awhile...

I guess the title pretty much sums it up. It's been awhile. I think it has been 6 weeks...and its not like I meant to take time off from blogging and updating my friends and family...but sort of kept going and going and going and never slowed down!

Things have been crazy here. I don't even know where to begin....perhaps...


This is the photo I used for the Christmas cards. I took them myself five weeks ago at the Botanical Gardens. I really wanted to hire a photographer but no one was willing to barter their prices. All I REALLY wanted was someone to take the photo who knew how to somewhat use the camera. I could do my own saving and editing of the photos...but no. And, you know if the photographer was really good I might have paid the price they were asking but I'm sorry they were not good. I don't do shadows in my photos -- if I'm paying you for excellent photos they better be excellent. The photographers that I LOVED well, just too much money -- the others, well, I could afford but didn't want to. I'm happy -- it was a good photo.

I used the photo on the Christmas cards which I mailed out over a week ago...did you get one? Well, if you didn't its probably lost in the mail and not coming back here since I forgot *gasp* to put the return address on the cards. I know this is going to bite me in the behind!

There were a few other favorite photos that I'll share:

Aren't they cute? (Above) and look at Peanut's face (below)


This was the best photo of all 3 kids together (which is why a family photo went on the card):


Little man:






Photo taken by Gator:

And...while we were there we decided it was a good time to explore their Amazing Butterfly exhibit. Let me just tell you -- it wasn't all that amazing. We saw ONE butterfly.




It was a decent hands on exhibit...the end being the most fun when they could "fly like a butterfly"





So, I guess it was cute and it was free for us...but if you had to pay money I would have been disappointed. In fact, while I like the San Antonio botanical gardens I've been there a whole two times. I probably won't go back unless I need a place to take a photo - its just not that great compared to other botanical gardens...the lack of a kids program (compared to other botanical gardens) and well...I guess if you want my opinion its not really worth the price of admission even if you got a really good deal. LOL!

In other news...I'll try and update more frequently. I do have lots of photos to go!!!

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Kelly said...

I LOVE the first photo of the girls... awesome!