Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peanut's 3!


This is a photo that I plan to take every year on my birthday. The photo of me and Peanut...she was my birthday present 3 years ago. It's hard to imagine that she's three years old...

She is an amazing child. She is full of life. She has a smile that brightens the room, a laugh that makes you laugh, a cry that makes your eyes swell up, a scream that makes you want to bang your head into the wall and a love that makes you feel more wonderful than you ever have before.

I cannot believe how much of a change there is from two to three years of age. I actually had a really hard time with this birthday. She no longer needs me in the same ways she once did. While she was starting to become independent at two it is clear now that she can and will attempt to do everything herself...and only after she's tried will she ask for help.

She brushes her own hair and teeth, picks out her own clothes, she dresses herself, puts on her shoes...oh and she's fully potty trained during the day and night(this happened quite awhile ago but its worth mentioning).

She has an appetite for food that many little kids don't. She'll eat anything I feed her. She LOVES to eat cheese & ham (which is actually an omlette with ham and cheese in it). Her favorite fruit is apples (dipped in honey) though close seconds include grapes, bananas and mandarin oranges. She loves raisins and peanut butter -- she is an ALL-STAR ants on a log maker. She enjoys mac and cheese and asks for it almost daily but is quick to eat grilled chicken, salads, tilapia, salamon, shrimp, steak, tacos, fajitas...speaking of Mexican food -- this kid LOVES chips & salsa...don't forget the guacamole!

Her favorite restaurants are "Chick Fil A" and "Red Robin" though we don't go there often these days. She loves going out for ice cream though she prefers cookies and especially cookie decorating.


She helps me with the grocery shopping, enjoys shopping almost anywhere. She'll pick out things and say "don't you love this" and "I'd look good in this" (meaning her not me!).

She is very active and enjoys taking both swimming and gymnastics class. She is home-schooled just like her big sister! She knows her ABCs and can count to attempting to count by 10's but doesn't have that quite figured out yet. She can identify almost all the letters and numbers (up through 20). She knows the colors though sometimes she'll tell me she wants the purple apple and when I look at her confused she'll say "red, silly"...she likes to play tricks or tell me "I'm tricking you". She can write a few letters, loves to draw and color, she constantly is asking "how do you spell" "what is this" "how do you draw".

She loves playing with her little brother and big sister. She loves to dress up, wear high heels, carry a purse, bake in the kitchen


(pretend and real), read books, go outside, play on the swings, take the baby for walks... in the purple sand

...and watch Elmo...Elmo is new (sorta) she lives and breathes Elmo. (And I am okay with this...I am also BEYOND thankful that no musical Elmo dolls have made it into this house...Elmo books, coloring books, video games, dolls, figurines, clothes, backpacks...yes! Tickle Me's, Ones with Drums, no...thank heavens!).

We actually are doing this for her as part of her birthday gift - Elmo's Learning Adventure - and she loves it!

She is everything I could have ever asked for and more. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life, to share her with our family, to watch her grow and change each day.

Peanut, we love you more than you could ever imagine...Happy 3rd Birthday!

(this should have been published in October I was waiting for other photos to upload but just went ahead with the publish anyways...more photos later, perhaps!)

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