Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peanut's New Do.

I took Peanut last week to Pigtails & Crewcuts and got her very first haircut, yes, at 3 years old!


I really didn't want to cut it...

...but I took Gator for a haircut a few months back (ok like 6 months or so) and Peanut wanted the clips and hairstyle...I told her when she was three she could get her haircut...


She did not forget!!!

First snip:


Getting it all even:


Peanut did fabulous -- I'll have to come back and add some more photos because I did have a "final" photo along with the picture of the "keepsake" you get for their 1st haircut. I had such a fun time and was so happy to go get her haircut...the cooler part is my friend Dalia owns the salon so I was able to get a little chance to chat with her especially since Achoo was busy playing and the girls were busy getting haircuts and braids. Peanut was so wiggly at the end that I really didn't get a "good" photo of her or her awesome braid that I haven't been able to redo on her but I've been able to do it on Gator. And, this is Gator's hair:


It was awesome...we had such a great time!!

Oh, Achoo loved the trains -- which is awesome because this is the "big" gift I'm wanting to get him for Christmas this year.


Edit to add: I also bought a book about braiding -- I had thought about taking a class but I thought I might get more from the book (The Girls Guide to Hair) since I do know how to french braid, etc. Well, the book is great. If you have girls DEFINITELY check it out - Amazon has it at a great price and your library might also have it!

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