Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is a face to squeeze:


and squish:


This is Achoo.


And, there is no question that he is all boy.


He is 16 months old now. Yes, 16 months! He's weighing in about 24lbs and standing at about 30 inches or so (the real measurements will come after I take him to the doctor).


He cracks me up. He is so loveable. He's a Momma's boy. He loves his sisters and his Daddy and his puppies...usually he's all hugging and kissing until out of no where...the wild side appears. He's not "wild" as in bad...but just "wild" and a comedian...he wants to be the center of attention, almost always.


See this sweet face? This is the sweet face that is going to test me as I take photos.


Adorable, isn't he?


He's big into climbing.



Look at him go.


Do you see how stinkin' proud he is?

Atta boy Achoo.



I thought he was going to sit...silly mama...


Chairs aren't for sitting in...


And, now that photo is a blur but he's testing me...he's looking at me and laughing...his adorable little I say "Achoo, sit down".


Do you think he's gonna listen?


Well...that's the start of it. I jumped off the floor and caught that photo while I was grabbing his leg...


And, his eyes tell it all...You told me to sit, Momma.That I did.


I told you, he thinks he is funny. He knows he is funny.


He is amazing.


He is curious.


He is a boy.


Now, I'm gonna have to say I have two girls and I love them more than anything and they love me more than anything (usually)...but the love that this boy gives me is far different than anything I've experienced with the is SO different.


I just cannot help but smile when I look at these photos...he seriously shines from the inside.


And, being the third...the baby...the first boy...he's gotta do something to stand out. He's always smiling and laughing and making sure you see what he's doing. He loves the girls taking care of him (even though Peanut is only 20 months older than him!), he loves playing dress up with them and usually allows them to dress him up. Thankfully now that Halloween is over he's got a boy costume in there and we shouldn't see too many more photos of him dressed as Minnie, a ballerina, princess Achoo, etc...oh, who am I kidding! LOL.


I don't think he'll mind though! He's such a good natured little guy.

And, the general what he's up to stuff...he's walking, running, climbing...he loves climbing the playscape in the back yard (he's great at the ladder and working hard on the rock wall), loves going down the slide but I have to be quick because he'll go down head first if I let him! He's not big into the swing (though he does use it) because he prefers climbing, running, playing with the lawnmower (the toy one silly), the sandbox, the cozy coupes...he LOVES being outside. He can spend hours just walking around the backyard. He loves going to the park and even when we take him to the pool. He loves playing with his friends (or his sisters friends!). He loves doing you favors "shut the door" "open the door" "get the bowl" "find the shoe" "throw away the paper"...and he always does things with a smile on his face.

He likes to make mealtime difficult. He doesn't like his high chair much anymore but we're making him use it. He pretends he wants food and then he doesn't. He likes things for a few days and then says eh, never mind. His favorites right now are cheesy eggs, sausage, spaghetti and meatballs, bananas, goldfish and candy (thanks to halloween!). He doesn't like macaroni and cheese which is really funny in my opinion because he loves spaghetti. He's got lots of words...and I'll forget some I'm sure - the obvious (or not so obvious) Momma "MaaaMaaMaa" and Dada "Da" and Gator's real name, though not Peanuts and Jump "jum jum", up, out, yes "sssss", no, milk, juice, cracker, truck and ball. I'm forgetting some probably. He's such a snuggler...I love him to pieces...and I'm so blessed to have him as part of my family...happy 16 months little man!

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Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Great shots! There really is something special about mama's and their boys!