Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peanut's Party.


We celebrated Peanut's 3rd birthday in style..ha! Well, at Chuck E Cheese. She was so excited about it. In fact, she's been excited about it since June...and even more excited since August...and every single day I heard about "my birthday at chuck e cheese" -- well, it came...finally.


There is a close-up of our cake. I worked so hard slaving away making it -- kidding! I just bought it at Costco for $15.00 and tossed on some Sesame Street characters. Really, I wanted to make her 3rd birthday cake but I knew I had family coming in and it just was not going to happen. I then hit all the stores I could think of looking for Sesame Street cakes to realize they've been discontinued...so yeah, we came up with this and I think it turned out great -- a simple rainbow cake with some cool toys on it.


There were lots of kids. We had lots of fun.


Peanut loved the pizza...which is funny because she really doesn't LOVE pizza.


Achoo loved the rides. There is a cute little toddler area with a slide he and hung out there for quite a bit with Nani & Papou -- I'm telling you having extra family help out with the kids was amazing!


This is Vegas helping Peanut with a game...in fact, as I walked around I saw lots of Dad's helping with games or finishing them as their kids walked off - way to go Dad's you rock! (I won't post pictures but I have three different dads playing games -- not including Vegas!)

I cannot not add this next photo...ah, I love little man.


And, love these ladies too...


Peanut showing off her way cool birthday crown...


They do this ticket blaster experience...


Gator was so excited to help Peanut though I think Peanut could have done it herself. You step inside and then the tickets blow, you try and grab them and keep them. There are red and yellow tickets worth like 50, 100 and 200 tickets. Of course, we explained how it all was going to go down and the kids listened, they had seen it at previous parties AND watched the kid right before them do it...however...they were shocked. They look happy in all the photos.


The tickets are flying...all their friends and family are watching...


And, they just stand there.


Although the above picture looks like Gator is trying...


It begins to unfold....the unhappiness of being in the ticket blaster. The kids couldn't catch the tickets because they didn't try that hard (there were lots right between their feet that they could have bent down to get) but they were SHOCKED when they were in there and the stuff was blowing. When the door opened Peanut got out and looked shocked and Gator broke down in tears. I'm not sure if she was stunned or embarrassed...either way, I'm in NO rush to do the ticket blaster again!

We had such a great time at Chuck E Cheese -- I didn't have to clean my house, make the food or do anything. It was fabulous! The kids had a great time running around and I'll definitely recommend this to others.

We didn't do birthday gifts at Chuck E Cheese because I've learned that its just easier not to. The girls enjoyed opening all the fun presents when we got home. She was spoiled beyond belief with lots of Elmo and Sesame Street items (which she loved)...


some fairies & princesses, a doll (the Jul-en doll she asked for a mix between Gator's Robyn pretend American Girl doll from Target and her real American girl doll Julie -- we landed with Eva a perfect doll for her!), clothes, books, movies (all of which were Elmo related hahah!) and a beautiful doll bunkbed which was handmade by our good friends. Thankfully he added some extra support because this morning little man guy had learned to stand on top of it...ahh, the joys of boys!

I realized I have no photos of the bunkbed, many of the gifts, Achoo standing on the bunkbed, birthday videos (though I did take some)...but I hope you enjoyed what I have shared. I will share some photos of the bunkbed in another post when I finally make the bedding for it -- soon :)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEANUT!

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