Monday, October 3, 2011

Peanut & Gator

I took the time to take some photos of each of the girls separately today as well. It all started because I wanted to take a photo of Achoo but in the back of my mind I thought I should practice more with my camera.


I'm going to post Peanut's photos enjoy!

I love this photo...


Black and White or Color?


And...then she told me how old she'd be on her birthday...

Not sure if I like the 3 in focus or out of focus...


I had fun taking photos of her...I actually got quite a few...and then I took some photos of Gator.


I really wish I had planned on taking photos earlier in the day because she had pool hair! LOL.


She was telling me that she's now a P-5 swimmer! She just rang the bell last week and we're so proud! She's becoming a great little swimmer.

I love this dress...


But, I think maybe she needs a size bigger than what we have because it's looking short!


After all my "practice" this afternoon...I've confirmed what I thought in the first place. I can take a better photograph than several of the photographers I've found in this area. Now...I just need to figure out how I'm going to take a photograph that looks decent with me in it for the Christmas card! (Yes, I'm thinking Christmas already!!!).

I have to say I have found a few photographers I like but many I didn't...and I certainly do not want to spend hundreds of dollars...*sigh*, what do you guys do??

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Erika said...

jen- first of all, love the pics! and about the family photo- i need to get on this, too! i have tried handing off my camera in the past and it is disaster!!!! i think i am going to try to do automatic timer shots- i also have a small tripod that might work, set up the shot, and then put the camera on timer and see what happens. my camera has burst mode- so i think i can take a bunch right in a row...just finding the time and setting it all up is the challenge. i would love to do it at the beach...but tripod in the sand at the beach? not so sure... let me know what you decide to do!!!