Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy's Birthday.

October is the month of birthday's in this house...actually, its just one weekend in October and BOOM they all hit (or well, the majority of them!).


We celebrated Vegas' birthday with cupcakes from this cute little cupcake shop near our house. In fact, this cupcake shop is awesome. They have a sprinkle bar so you can decorate your own cupcakes/cookies. We did that too (but the kids ate them there).

And, since Mommy was the photographer -- a photo of Daddy and the wee folk.


The kids enjoyed their cupcakes...we got a bunch of different ones. It is always funny which ones they point to in the case and which ones they end up choosing in the end...who knew we had such a plain Jane.


(I wasn't surprised by the oreo choice...)


And...little man guy would have had a whole cupcake if Daddy let him!


Happy Birthday, Vegas!

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