Monday, October 3, 2011



Little Man Guy turned 15 months this weekend. I cannot believe he's 15 months old. It seems like just yesterday he was born...yet I cannot remember life without him.


As you can see, his gums are swollen. He's breaking molars...three all at once. It has been a rough week for sure. He hasn't been happy at night or during the day and well, who would be happy!


Really though...he is a happy camper. He is such a joy to be around. He's started sleeping through the night, well, until the molar thing hit! He's walking, talking, running, climbing (nothing too new but his skills are improving!)...

Now for some photos from this afternoon...he's crying because I was asking him to stay put and not run...





The problem is -- even when he is unhappy he is so adorable!



So, all in all...he walks almost anywhere he can...and if he's not walking he's usually! He loves to eat or I should say the theory of eating - he likes food in front of him and then he enjoys flinging it at the dogs! His favorite foods are goldfish, peaches, bananas, pancakes, icecream, popsicles and french fries! He says "Da-da" "Momma" "Dog" "be" (Gator's Name). He does exactly what you ask..."go get the shoes" "put your pjs in the laundry" "get the book" "find the car" "clean up the dog toys". He loves when you ask him questions that give him a choice..."Do you want to go outside" and he'll run to the door..."Do you want to change your diaper" and sometimes he'll just look at me like I'm crazy and go off and continue his playing - unless he's pooped and then he'd like his diaper changed. He loves showers (the kind in the bathroom not rain doesn't rain here - ever!). He enjoys watching Sesame Street for a few minutes here and there. He loves trucks and balls. Mostly...he loves his Momma, Dadda, big sisters and puppies...


I love every minute of his wild boy behavior...and cannot wait to see what each new day brings!

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