Thursday, September 8, 2011

Purple Sand & Cooler Weather.

Wednesday morning I woke up and stepped outside to let the dogs out and, this is awesome. was cool out!

The kids finished up their breakfast and we ran outside to play in our jammies because who knew when it was going to get hot again!

All the kids ran and played, drove the cars, climbed the swingset, went down the slide, got on the swings and was beyond awesome.

The last couple months its been hot and we have not been enjoying the backyard nearly as much as I had hoped! So it was a very welcome drop in temp!

After playing outside, the kids got dressed & we went to the store for a few odds and ends. (Why is it that I try to shop for two weeks and I don't succeed? Why is it that we run out of the simple stuff that I cannot live without?) While we were there I took the kids to the garden center to search for sand...who knew sand came in so many pretty colors (I should have taken a photo!) pink, purple, blue, green and sand colored. While the sand color sand was much more affordable the girls begged for colored stuff (it wasn't that much more but it wasn't dirt sand cheap either!) They opted for PURPLE.

We came home and I put the sand in the sand table...Achoo dumped a big chunk out onto the patio, the girls cried and I thought "oh this is going to get into my house sooo fast" so I asked Gator if she had the muscles to help me move it...and we did!

Yup, that's the sand table ALL the way on the other side of the yard. My thought was they could have fun, dump it out, do whatever...and then as they walked back to the house it'd fall off them before coming into the house. That's not exactly how its happening but I'd like to hope most of it falls off and doesn't land in the house!

The kids are loving water yet though because purple mud? I'm just not sure. The days still get hot...97 yesterday and 97 today...but its nicer. We can breathe. It isn't 100+ like it was for 80+ days this summer, yeah...EIGHTY.

I'm just so glad we can all sit and enjoy the outside...

I see lots of fun in the yard, picnics, parks and nature walks in our near future!!!

Oh, and while the 100+ days were unbearable we did survive. I'm looking forward to these beautiful days in September, October, November and December when we can enjoy jeans & t-shirts (not bundled jackets!). Texas is good. Life is awesome...and purple sand rocks!

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Anonymous said...

How cute, I've never seen purple sand! this is Scottishthistle at GCM