Monday, September 26, 2011

I feel like I'm always starting my blog with "it has been so busy..." and well, that's how I want to start this one. Seriously, its been crazy! A couple weeks back I got sick and just being sick for 24-36 hours caused the whole week to crumble and schedule to be messed up and woah. I got caught up only to get busy again...appointments, planned Life is busy.

Now...I have photos on my actual camera to upload and share BUT I haven't uploaded them yet - it is on my to-do list. So, for now...enjoy a few photos of the kids enjoying Wii.


You are probably wondering what is Peanut eating?

Fall candy. Though we're playing Wii inside because its SO STINKING HOT STILL (101 today!)

The kids have really loved getting to play the Wii again lately. It seems like we have times where we play it a lot and times when we don't. Peanut got some money for her birthday (which is in two weeks) and so she got a couple new Wii games -- Monkey Balls & Smurfs Dance Party...the kids really have been having a blast with both of them!

And, because Achoo wasn't photographed during the Wii time -- a photo from when Barley took his cookie!

So, all in all, life has been crazy. We've been having a blast...and I really do need to update more. I will try to be back later this week with some more photos!!

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Erika said...

i know what you mean!!! i love that first pic the best - you look incredible!!!