Thursday, September 1, 2011

14 months!


Can you believe the Little Man Guy is 14 months old? It is so hard to believe but wow - he's 14 months old! He's standing at about 30'' and weighs in at 24lbs. He's not our tiniest but not our biggest (although he was the tiniest baby!).


This past month a lot of exciting things have happened! He's sleeping in his crib at naptime & night! This is a big improvement from not even realizing he had his own room! He loves his blue rocket blanket (the one he came home from the hospital in) and uses it each time he sleeps. He loves his turtle that lights up (stars on the ceiling) and is often not happy unless its on even though during the day you cannot see them on the ceiling! He also uses his crib toy that makes music - he changes it daily to what he likes, music, movement, lights...sometimes just music. He has his own ideas!

He is also running, climbing, waving, blowing kisses, wanting his piggys counted, climbing into the tub solo, cleaning up toys, throwing everything that can be thrown away into the trash (and even what we don't want in the trash goes there too!), brushing his teeth (though I help him after), drinking from the girls cups (must get him camelbak cup too!)...the list goes on...

This past summer Achoo has grown so much! He loves food. He's been in love with fruit lately -- oranages, apples, bananas, peaches, pears...oh the list goes on! He likes to eat what we eat & often wants to help cook it too (but uh, yeah that's just too difficult so I often send him back to the playroom where he creates his own master pieces with his play kitchen)!


He loves playing in his playroom - he's a big fan of trains & cars, kitchens & dolls, books & Elmo...what doesn't he like?! I haven't a clue! We've been at the pool quite a bit this month too since its so hot (hottest month on record here in Texas EVER!) and he enjoys the water. We've made a few trips to the zoo and the Children's Museum where he really had fun!


I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome he is. He has this great personality that lights up the room, he doesn't talk but he tells jokes and laughs & snorts. He often has everyone laughing. He's sneaky because when you aren't looking he walks to the dog food or climbs to stand on the table. He's often found stuck on a bench or a stool saying "Ahhhh" (think Tarzan) and when you hear that you have to run really, really, really fast. He is a comedian. He thinks it is sooo funny to see you come running so he hugs you and he laughs.

He's just such a great little man and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

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