Friday, August 12, 2011


When we were in Colorado we took a little trip to the zoo. Now, I already posted pictures from the zoo in another blog entry (check back like five?).

We had such a fun time visiting the zoo. I was worried because it was such a hot day and everyone kept talking about how the zoo was on a mountain and to see things you basically had to climb the mountain. I know, you are scared, right? I'm freaking out thinking I'll be huffing and puffing...I'm sure some people were but really it wasn't all that bad.


This photo is from the top of the zoo overlooking the surrounding was really cool.


There were so many animals at this zoo. The highlight of the trip was feeding the giraffes. We got these cracker like things and broke them into pieces and fed them. The kids all loved it (and so did the Dad's!)

The view were amazing...the air was so fresh...and it rained, nothing like a good quick storm to give you a good feeling about things. It was so much fun and I definitely hope to go back again! Ahh...and before I forget, one photo of I & Gator.


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Erika said...

you look so amazing! you are a TWIG!!!! :-) you'd better be my weight loss guru in about 3 months. :-)