Saturday, August 27, 2011


Monday, August 22nd was the first day of school for many, if not all, Texans. All the kids around here were busy getting their new school supplies together, picking out their outfits, getting to bed early, etc. We decided this week we were going to PARTY!!! In celebration of homeschooling and not going to school...the kids & I celebrated "We are not going to school" week!

Each day, I took the kids to do something fun. We met up with lots of friends, went to lots of places...and well, most of all had LOTS of fun! Don't worry, I still scheduled time for school!!!


Monday, we went out to lunch and then to the pediatrician (I know, so not fun!!! But, we found out Gator had an ear infection!). Tuesday was MUCH more fun!!! We hit the zoo -- and it was EMPTY!! And, we went to the park & splash pad!!


The kids love the zoo...and I love that they have early morning hours in the summer! So, until Labor Day it opens at 730am just for members. It was quite empty and also very hot!


The kids loved it...and I'm planning another trip back to the zoo very soon!!!

On the way home we met up with friends at the local park & splash pad. It was so fun...although I about melted!


The kids had a great time and loved the water. Achoo has been walking since May and now he's really good on his was exciting (and sad at the same time) to see how well all three of them interacted with each other running through the playground & splash pad. (Yes, his swim trunks are too big I grabbed 18m...I guess that's not his size yet!)

We had friends over our house & went swimming on Wednesday which was tons of fun! We also spent a bit of time baking yummy snacks (sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, white chocolate chip granola bars, etc)!


The kids got to eat some of their favorite summertime snack (icecream sandwiches) which isn't something we often have in the house!! And, get ready for the pool...Gator's in her swimsuit here but not Peanut!


Thursday we went to the Children's Museum...and well, those pictures aren't uploaded yet so I'll have to add a part two for photos (if they are any good)...we bought this really cool face paint while we were at the museum.


The kids love it and had so much fun when they came home and painted all over!


Achoo was quite the sport letting them paint him! They even painted him into a "man" complete with a beard!!! Then Peanut gave herself a beard (no photo of that one though!)

Thursday also involved another visit to the pediatrician where I found out that Peanut also has swimmers ear...great! On the way home (or on the way there its all a blurr) I stopped at one of the nicer Targets to pick up a few things we needed and found this adorable shirt for Peanut. She really loves Sesame Street & I got it...and the saying TOTALLY fits her!


Friday was the last day of our big celebration soooo I took the kids out to lunch with friends & let them play! They had so much fun (again photos of this but they are on my phone so its going to take awhile). After lunch we came home and napped, had dinner with Daddy & went to our homeschool groups icecream family night! We all had a lot of fun & Gator even learned to draw a dinosaur from a little 6yr old boy!!! Now she's looking at "how to draw" books so I think this upcoming week (as we hit the books more full time and get back into all our activities that were on break last week) we will also make a trip to the library in search of a few "how to draw" books!!

Finally, we're growing a man here...he's got some big shoes to fill. I love this photo but wish I had a different background. The best thing - he did this almost completely himself...


Until the next time (at which point I hope to have added those other photos from our activities on Thurs & Fri!).

To ALL my homeschooling friends: HAPPY NOT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL ... finally the museums & parks are less empty!!!

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Erika said...

yay!!!!!! what an awesome week! your pictures say it all- and your kids are so happy!!! you inspire me! :-)