Friday, August 19, 2011

2011-08-18-15-43-00_1000001119're thinking where have we been and what have we been up to? And, I'm thinking...where has the time gone.

Well, this week has been so busy!!!! I'm going to ATTEMPT to fill you in all in one are ya ready??!?


We have been busy baking...lots of cookies. I like to have homemade snacks on hand for the kids because its healthier (sort of). I know what goes into it, when it was made and all that jazz! We made MnM cookies & MnM granola bites this week. Although the bites are more than a bite...several bites! Super yum!!! And, the MnMs came from my couponing -- I got EIGHT free bags of MnMs this week - woohoo!


I also made this yummy cake. It is a low carb cake and actually quite delicious. I'll post the recipe in another post :)!

Vegas spent last weekend painting...


I was aiming for a Waldorfy peach color so I chose Peach looks more orange in the pictures than it is...and it still is more orange than I wanted...but we like it.


We moved the photos around...and now there is one wall that looks good and three emptier walls...ick.


So, we are kind of looking to see what we will do with that room (on the walls) but I'm not in a huge rush. It will happen.

Then, I've been using my Scentsy candle all week...


Totally love it...and love the Americana feel to it. I'm going to try and pull off an Americana style kitchen but so far, this is all I've got! Vegas & I had such a great time in Colorado and were completely jealous of M&C's house because it was so put together (ok, let's be honest we often feel like everyone's house is put together and then there is our house!)

So, we opted to paint...and boy have we bath, playroom bath, playroom...and we're still going. We have plans to paint the front room...and also to paint a little in the kitchen. So, while I don't have it decorated just yet...we're hoping that once we apply paint we'll have a few other things to add...suggestions!?


The front room...well, it's a combo room of formal living room- dining room. It is where the Christmas tree will go...and well, maybe something else when we finally agree to agree -- right now we agree to disagree on what should be in that the kids won. The bounce house has found a permanent resting spot (going on two weeks) in there...and the kids LOVE it!

I'm still around...and still loving little man...Gator wanted to take some photos so I let her!


Peanut got a new wardrobe as we FINALLY put away the 18-24 month clothes. She is wearing a mix of 2-3's right now!I actually pulled out the 3's so they are there but this outfit is a 2 and fits her great! Oh my we have soooo many clothes for Peanut!


I put away Gator's clothes that didn't fit. I realized she had no pants...then Vegas reminded me we probably won't need pants for awhile -- phew! (It's been triple digits for weeks and weeks and weeks with no end in sight!)

This week...we also started our first week of Oak Meadow Grade 1.


Gator has been loving it...


We gave Peanut her own book and Gator's crayons from last year...she's so happy to do school too!


One of the things she had to do was draw what reminded her of summer...


I wrote under each thing what it was so I wouldn't forget!!!

We are also learning music this year. She'll learn to play the recorder...and I think read some music. This was the music lesson (or part of it) --


For Math we learned about the symbols of Math with this really cute story...each symbol is a gnome...I love it!


Better yet, she loves it!


That's just a little bit of the school work we have done. I don't know if I'll post lots of it because it requires a lot of effort on my time to take photos (yeah yeah yeah)...


What's important is the girls are doing well and having fun. And little man dude...ahh, he's a sweetie...


He loves these flowers and is constantly bringing them to me with a huge smile on his face...I tried to get a photo of him carrying them but I was having issues with the camera focusing (ok, it wasn't a camera issue it was an operator issue but still!).

Aside from that all is going well and we're keeping busy...ahh...and one final photo (for Krystin)


That's our Grecian Delight from the other yummy made with Miracle Noodle Rice! The reviews on the rice is that it tastes more like pasta and they are right!! :)


Gina said...

Looking good!! :) What is a miracle noodle rice??

Mrs. Air Force said...

Love the homeschool stuff...dont know if I'd ever be brave enough to do that! Oh and I went to Whole Foods and got the shiritaki angel hair..gross gross gross gross!! I have I think 4 bags sitting in my fridge if you want them. But again, NASTY. I'd rather go without pasta than eat that!

Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

Your kids are all growing so much! And of course they're all ADORABLE!! Looks like y'all are doing great!!