Friday, August 12, 2011

Smores & the band.

Nothing like relaxin' at the table and eating smores.


The kids love smores...and usually they are quite the hit with friends. Normally we do not bathe the children and put them in clean jammies first, but whatever! Look at how grown up Gator looks.


After snack we went downstairs and played with all C's musical he has a ton...but we knew that!


Achoo had a thing for the drums (no one buy him them) and the microphone...

Here is Peanut playing guitar & singing...


Now, I'll have to find our other SD card and pull off some of the video because oh my goodness it was the funniest thing ever. The kids had an absolute blast...that was how we ended our trip to Colorado. The next day we headed out.

I will upload a few more photos from our trip that were not available on this camera but it won't be tonight! I'm tired!!! Hope you enjoyed bits and pieces of our trip!!!!

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Erika said...

your kids are sooooooo gorgeous- you need to have a gazillion of them!!! :-)