Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Colorado.

Ok, so then we went off to explore the area on Sunday (after the baptism which I was going to blog photos but then realized they weren't on my camera, they are on my ipad so I'll have to upload them from there once I charge it - doh!).

Anyways...Sunday, after the baptism we went exploring. Here is the drive onto base...don't mind the flag sticker I just don't want you to see M&C's car!


This is one of the little towns we saw on our drive...we're driving, so a bit blurry...


We stopped at the Garden of the Gods...


My plan was to get a family photo but the girls were both whining they had to go potty. I took them but the bathroom was disgusting and hot and Peanut feels like she has to touch everything, there was no soap, there was water all over the floor...ok, maybe I shouldn't go on about the bathrooms. Needless to say, when I got out I was miserable and sweating and we just walked on without a photo.

We did run back (ok, we sent C) to the car to get the hand sanitizer...phew! The kids held hands as they walked and it was so sweet. You can tell that I really loves Gator...and he tolerates Peanut as the little sister.


E & Achoo got along so well. They rode in the wagon to see the Garden of the Gods...don't they look thrilled?


One of the "well-known" (I'm just assuming here) parts of the Garden of the Gods is the kissing camels. M wanted to try and get the kids in a photo with the kissing was hard but I managed to do it...yup, they look thrilled again, right?


Just a little sign.

IMG_0513 was so beautiful there.


We had such a fun time visiting the Garden of the Gods and the surrounding area. We stopped in this cute little town and took other photos, the kids got candy, etc but those photos aren't on this camera. I'll have to do another post!! I know, I know, soooo many photos!


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