Friday, August 12, 2011


For Gator's 5th birthday she really wanted a Pinkalicious Party....and well, I didn't think it would be too hard. I decided to get all things pink and then Pinkalicious plates (for cupcakes).




For food-- I had salad & chicken salad (and munchies) for the adults, pizza for the older boys and pb&j and pb&f sandwiches for the kids -- along with pink fruits (strawberries, grapes, rasberries) and pink marshmellows!


The sandwiches were cut into princess crowns with our Lunch Punches -- and stars for the PBJ. They looked a little messy because I might have went a little crazy on the fluff but the kids LOVED them!

For the cupcakes, I just went with pink frosting (made by me) instead of trying to replicate the cupcakes from Pinkalicious (which was my original plan):


We also were lucky enough to have one of my homeschooling momma friends who is a professional face painter to PAINT FACES!!


Gator loved every minute of the face painting!

The kids all had a really good time...I mean, who wouldn't...face painting, food, jump house?


Peanut was so happy because her friends were there too!


As a homeschooler your kids friends aren't really all the same age, they are a wide range of ages and parties are done more as families then just one it was nice to have some siblings at the group! In fact, there were several older boys that were there and you'd never know they were at the party because they were all playing nicely in the playroom with beyblades...I know, you're thinking what's a beyblade...its a top.

Proof that there were some bigger boys there (I think there were 5 or 6 big boys there).


Some of them even got in on the face painting!!!


Achoo partied too!


He also managed to steal someones cookie!!!


Lisa was super nice that after she had done all the faces she went back and did necklaces, rings and bracelets on the girls...



We all sang happy birthday...eek, she's 5 (no that wasn't part of the song but it should have been!)


Cannot believe she's five!!!


Peanut shared a cupcake with her Mitchell.



I wasn't planning on doing presents at the party but all the kids were talking about them so we did...


She got lots of really nice stuff (can you see how happy Peanut was to not have presents to open LOL -- I keep hearing about her know in like 2.5 months!) was one crazy day with nearly TWENTY kids in the house...lots of food, lots of sugar, lots of fun!!! Oh, and a Monday -- I think I love having Monday Birthday Parties!!!


Happy Birthday, Gator!!!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

<3!!!!! Great job!! Now I want a party w you!