Saturday, August 13, 2011


The main reason we went to Colorado was for E's are a few pictures.


This is the Deacon that presided over the service...

The beautiful Miss E...


Vegas & I with E & Achoo after the baptism.


I look horrible...actually we all look horrible in most of the pictures because we had to get there before the service started, sit through the entire Mass and wait until after for the was hot! (I am not complaining I'm explaining!!!) And, Achoo was asleep at the beginning until Peanut woke him up so then he didn't want to sit still and neither did we spent a lot of time attempting to quiet them down in the back of the chapel. This was the first weekend that all the cadets were back and it was quite hair is screaming, you should have used product...and its so stinking hot you shouldn't have let me be down...ahh, its life. I've realized that I dislike my hair in EVERY baptism picture I'm in (not just E's but all 3 A's as well!!!!)

Here is the whole gang after the service...


Gator is crying because the sun is in her eyes, all the kids are whiney because they were narving (as Peanut says)...but it was a lovely, lovely just cannot see it in the pictures which bums me out.

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