Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little on our trip.

I think I'm going to be backed up on blogs for quite awhile...I have SO many photos I am uploading from Colorado and well, its taking FOREVER. A few to enjoy for tonight though!

First, we drove from Texas to know what...we drove and drove and drove...and we were still in Texas when we stopped 10 hours later!


Most of the first day we passed windmill farm after windmill farm...or as Peanut called them winwheels (I love her!). We also passed the oil fields but I took no photos of that!

We stayed in this little town called Dumas, TX. There is NOTHING in Dumas, there is nothing before it...nothing after it...its blah. I was so bummed because it was Gator's birthday and we planned to go out somewhere nice to eat...yes, no chain restaurants (except McDonalds and DQ) and just little family places (which I normally don't mind but this is like ehh..yeah). I looked up reviews and we ended up at this Mexican was horrible. Yeah, horrible. That's all. We went back to the hotel and hung out for awhile before getting up early the next AM to continue the journey.

The second day our drive looked like this:


Seriously...I was shocked at how little high way we actually was all "truck routes" and "back roads".

At one point (when we were in Colorado) our GPS (love this thing usually) told us to turn right and drive 18 miles...


Yes, you're seeing that correctly...down a DIRT road. We opted to find another route...and continued going down roads looking like this:


I have to say that Vegas and I have done a lot of driving...have visited lots of places...lived in a few different states...this was one of the prettiest rides we've been on and we loved every moment of it. Ok, maybe not every moment but it was a great trip...and we were so happy to finally arrive and see our friends...but for'll have to wait until tomorrow. Achoo is awake crying and the photos aren't uploaded anyways!!

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Erika said...

oh i love road trips! can't wait to see the rest of your photos!!! :-)