Monday, August 8, 2011


Gator's birthday seems to be going on F.O.R.E.V.E.R.! This year, we celebrated it with family at the beginning of the month, solo a few days before her actual birthday (pictures here), on her birthday (though we were traveling) and one more time with friends!


She walked down the stairs a few days before her birthday and let me know she's FIVE.

I saw this cool idea about balloons hanging with money inside and the kid gets to pop the balloon for the cash. Yeah, she's five...she doesn't need cash. And, Achoo...he's one he doesn't really need popped balloons on the floor...and don't get me started about our scardy-dog Bisc. So, I made it a treasure hunt!


No popping, just looking!

She had some help from Peanut...


I didn't take any pictures of her finding her cool stuff...she didn't get anything big or exciting but she loved it all.


She got some new books, art supplies, a leotard and the game Guess Who!


It was a total blast and I plan on doing another one for Peanut's birthday! (Oh, and five balloons, five hidden presents...for the FIVE year old!)

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