Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fifth and games...

Since the whole family was in town for Achoo's birthday we decided to celebrate Gator's birthday a few weeks early with the family...we went to this awesome pizza place here in San Antonio and they had a fabulous deal (you know me and deals!)


We got a little room (because we had 10+ people and reserved it) and the room came with a party hostess which made it so much fun because he entertained the four girls with games...


This game is called Chug the Slushie or something like that, who can drink the small cup of slushie the fastest...Gator won!

They also played cookie on the face...


It was really, really funny to watch...



I think Gator got a little overwhelmed by this game -- she quit when she almost had it...Emily won! And, then we went to the wheel to spin a prize, they all sang happy birthday to her out there too. Here is Gator w/ Peanut & their two cousins:


I thought this was cute so I had to post it...Achoo walking back to the room...


He had fun with Nonno in the room...


But, got tired quickly...


We did this yummy cookie cake (they provide it) for her birthday - it is basically two chocolate chip cookies with icecream inside...yum to the yum!


The kids also got to play games...



And, ride some rides...though Achoo didn't care for the horse...


The girls LOVED the go-karts!!!


In the end, all three girls who rode got 1st place...


They said Peanut was too short (you have to be 36'') funny though she measures 37'' at the doctor and the next time we went they let her ride them AND SHE LOVED IT!

They also have mini bowling and mini golf and bumper cars! We played around quite a bit, got good and tired and went open presents and play more!


She said, "This is my best birthday ever..." Aww!

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