Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Visit from Friends (pt 1)


We recently had some of our closest friends come to visit us here in Texas. We were so excited since we hadn't seen them since January 2010!!! Ok and by we, I mean as a whole...Vegas was lucky enough to see them a few times in between but not the kids & I!

Their little guy, I, ain't so little any more...


And...they have a new little one who is just a wee bit younger than Achoo!


She has more hair than Achoo...and she's soooo cute! I borrowed her to play around with my camera and stuff since Achoo was sleeping and the big ones wanted nothing to do with me...I plopped her into the grass.


This is the 'I don't know if I like this look'...


She looked at her Mom to be like "do I like this?"


And...well, she decided she really didn't like it. M said they have no grass at their house...


Texas grass, in my opinion, isn't really grass. I mean, its green but its brown...and regardless of the fact that our sprinklers go off every other day the temperatures are still 98-100 ALL THE STINKING TIME...and well, that makes for some rough grass.


The bigger kids were playing on bikes, scooters and wagons...


And, with chalk paint...


I love chalk paint...and I love Peanut's little braids...


I moved E to the driveway and she was much happier!





Ok...this is getting crazy...this girl is BEAUTIFUL...


I told M I was only going to share the ones I loved...uh...problem...


One, I took too many can you not love all of these?


Look, Gator was there too!


We got tons of photos of Gator & the Little Surfer, I.

After playing out front, we went out back...



She is a huge fan of the slip n' slide


I think slip n' slides are awesome. Dangerous...perhaps, but fun...totally. I bought one for 9.00 at Walmart, good deal. Bad thing - it popped on the third time I went to use it. I brought it back and then bought the triple one -- yeah, I couldn't get the whole thing wet no matter where I put it in the yard so I returned it and went with the 9.00 one again. It works, the kids love it...and it was $9. Oh...and I kept my receipt!


I (this is so funny using I so I think I'm going to stick with the Surfer kid) fell and bumped his head and then decided he didn't like the slip n' Gator comforted him.


This photo will be at their wedding.


I couldn't help but snap a million pictures because we had such a short time to hang out...I mean, it wasn't short but it wasn't like it was before -- aka, all the time.

After all that playing Gator helped to make pizza...yes, pink pizza!


Tons more to come...but that's it for part one :)

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FourJedis said...

Super-cute pictures. I love Peanut's braids too. :) Glad they had a good time.