Monday, June 20, 2011

That, good old 101 list -- #5!

Awhile back I made a list called 101 in 1001. Yup, lots of things to accomplish. I'm slowly checking things off that list...s.l.o.w.l.y!

Well, #5 on that list is couponing. What better time to start then today?! Or, well, a few days ago!!!

I started by going to the commissary on Saturday with no newspapers on hand but print outs from coupons online and a few small in store coupons I managed to save 13% on my trip...eek, 13% that's it?! Well...I can't tell you what I bought, or what I didn't because I have no receipt from that trip...its lost!

Sunday, I did go to Walgreens and buy 4 papers when I had to pick up Peanut's medication. Well...I came home, looked at some blogs and went back to the stores in the afternoon. I did well!!!

CVS trip #1 - Buy 4 bags of MnMs (1.00 coupon each) 12.00-4.00=8.00 with 3.00 ECB, Buy Powerbar Bites 2.49 get 2.49 ECB, buy Bliss Chocolate 5.99 get 5.99 ECB. So, I spent money but I made money and this was a good start because I needed to get some ECBs. According to my receipt I spent 17.63, saved 7.54 because of sales and savings AND then received 11.48 ECB! That's 11.48 towards the next time I shop!!

I went to Walgreens, I bought Gilette Fusion Razor for 9.89 (coupon 4.00) =5.89, but you get 5.00 Register Rewards, so it was like buying it for 89 cents!! They also had a deal on Nabisco Cookies & Crackers, 2 for 4.00 but I had coupons making them 49 cents each!!! I spent 10.32 but saved 14.50 according to the receipt PLUS I got 5.00 for the next time I shop...(I see more Razors in my future!!)

Today, I had to run to Target to return something so I started with a 10.38 credit. I bought (in two transactions) aquafresh tooth paste (free because it was 97 cents but I had a 1.00 coupon), Neutrogena Shave Gel for Vegas originally 3.42 (2.00 off manufacturer coupon and 1.00 Target coupon) so it was 0.42 -- I bought 2 of those! Then, I bought Bounty Paper Towels (99c but I had coupon for 25c off)...I also bought two photo mugs that are ceramic and paint markers...with all the coupons and deals...I paid 0.96 out of pocket!!! Yup, not a bad deal!

On the way home I hit CVS one more time and got 2 packages of Wheat Thin Sticks (2/4.98) but I had 2- $1.00 coupons AND you got 1.00 ECB for purchasing and a Colgate Toothbrush (2.79) had a 1.00 off coupon and got 2.00 ECB -- I handed in 3.00 worth of my ECB from yesterday and paid out of pocket 1.85 -- and I received 3.00 in ECB back! I'd say it was a pretty good shop.

I still have money towards Walgreens and CVS and a list of things I'm going to try and stock up on...razors, toilet paper, paper I going crazy? No...well, I don't think so...yet!

But, I know that I need to save money somewhere and well, I'm trying to accomplish #83 Plan a vacation and save for it...Disney LAND 2012!!! I cannot wait!

Well, that's all that's been happening here...sorry no pictures I promise next time it will be more informative. For those of my friends who do coupon...please leave some love -- favorite sites, good deals, etc!!

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Mrs. Air Force said...

You should post a tutorial. I feel like I am spending hundreds every week when I meal plan.