Wednesday, June 22, 2011

F R O S T I N G!


I think it is safe to say I found THE frosting. It isn't just THE frosting I'm going to use for Achoo's first birthday is THE frosting that I will use forever and ever because it is just THAT good, yes, it is amazing.

So, the recipe is for Whipped Cream Frosting is so easy. I didn't use any almond extract but I did add a little extra vanilla. The frosting has a mild cream cheese taste. It is very sturdy the first couple days...after that, well...maybe it would be more sturdy if I had tossed the spare stuff in the mixer but nope, I didn't. Still sturdy though.

It makes me want to just bite into a cupcake thinking about this frosting...


I am so thankful to have friends that were ready to gobble up to lend a helping hand in the frosting dilemma.

I also wanted to share with you another recipe for frosting. This recipe is for Cool Whip Frosting.


I know...if you are like me you are thinking ewww cool whip, really Jen, really? Yes, I know. Cool whip. So, this recipe was a loved recipe by many...the dilemma is I think it wasn't as sturdy as the winning recipe...and, let's be honest...I couldn't let it win because I couldn't stomach eating it when I remembered it was made with cool whip.

I tried many seven recipes for frosting. Yes, really.

Some of the recipes I tried were just too sweet and I honestly could not stomach the frosting. The winning frosting is so light that I can eat the entire cupcake & frosting -- and it is so delicious that my friends ran home to make cakes and cupcakes for their families...ok, maybe they didn't run but in less than five weeks TWO people who ate this frosting have HAD to make it again! Yes, it is that delicious.

You might be thinking "only two" but really...there weren't that many people that got to taste the deliciousness of this frosting.

Ahh...and I just wanted to tell you that I did originally think there was going to be a different winning recipe...but it just so happens that The Best Whipped Cream Frosting recipe, ain't the Best Whipped Cream Frosting. It's good...but in small doses. And the second day...oh gosh, I had to scrape the frosting off and just eat the cake.

The problem...I'm not really a frosting gal...I love cake.


Mrs. Air Force said...

That looks sooo good! I'm going to test out some butter cream recipes soon - have you tried it?

mum2abby said...

I did try buttercream. The first few recipes were buttercream but I couldn't stomach it -- too sweet, too sugary, too much butter taste, I could have like a bite and be okay but not the entire thing... so I switched it up. I meant to add in the blog post that if I did try another frosting...I would make the whipped cream (just not add the cream cheese) and replace the cool whip in the cool whip frosting with the whipped cream...that could be good. :)