Wednesday, June 1, 2011

11 months.


Little Man Guy is 11 months old...and I feel like crying. Where, oh where, has my baby gone?!


He is getting all big boy on us so fast.


I took a bunch of photos today to celebrate his eleventh month...and well, because I needed a photo for his birthday invitations! Cannot believe he is almost 1...


Yup, he's a ham. He's doing so well now...he's all of a sudden starting to eat real food...does he love, he's still into the plum baby...he does like goldfish, some breads, some puffs, bananas, avacados, grilled cheese...sometimes pasta but not always...


He says Momma and Dadda. Last night he was cruising over to Vegas and saying Dadda and would turn around and cruise over to me and say Momma...adorable...


He has taken his first steps...and he often lets go and walks a couple steps...falls to his knees and crawls lightening fast...


His new favorite things to do include climbing into the storage part of the girls table and chairs and climbing on top of the table and chairs. He also enjoys getting stuck under the dining room table.


He amazes me each day with his personality...


I hope that through this blog you're able to see how wonderful he is...and mischievous...


While he enjoys climbing on and under tables, up the stairs and chewing on wires (that aren't plugged in!) he also loves being outside, swimming and his toys...


He is adorable and we all love him so much...I just cannot believe he's 11 months is to the last month until the big ONE....


Little Man Guy, I hope you always know just how much your family loves you!!

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