Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, today I took the kids to Costco because that's pretty much where we shop. We buy everything and I mean, everything, in bulk. I had to renew our membership and since we've been using Costco as our grocery store for the last few months I decided we should just upgrade to the Executive Membership. It gives you 2% back on all purchases....except gas. Now c'mon! If you want the cash back from the gas you have to have the Amex card...I hate, for right now that's not happening.

They have lots of yummy samples at Costco - all.the.time - yum! The kids were bribed quiet with a hotdog and drink (to share) for starters and then they got all the extras. One sample was these little gelato icecreams...I didn't think I'd like them, or they'd like them...but wow.


You see means I bought see the size...ten. It has 10 stinking icecreams (they are the size of klondike bars) with five of us, that's not going to last long.


Told you!

I couldn't get a photo of Peanut because I did this after she gave the remaining icecream she had to Achoo.


Everyone loved it!! They loved it so much they ended up in the bathtub immediately following. More later.

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Erika said...

i have never been to costco- can you believe it? those big stores overwhelm me, and we live in a tiny house with no we are strictly a trader joe's family. if it's not at trader joe's (food), or if it's not at target (household items), then it doesn't get bought. LOL! those gellatos look good! yum!