Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well...Will & Kate were getting married and I couldn't resist having a tea party so the girls could watch it on tv.


Since it was in the morning it was a breakfast tea party including french toast sticks (yes, I know those aren't English), some fruit, juice, etc.


The kids knew we were going to do this for a few days so they were so excited. Plus, we don't let the kids take drinks or food out of the kitchen so when I told them they could eat at the coffee table it was a VERY special treat.


And, what's a tea party without a tea set...crowns and dresses and fancy hats?!



Achoo was there too.


They had a really great time...they gobbled up their breakfast...


Gator decided she wanted to be a princess with a veil...


The girls danced and was a great time.

Then, this week Gator said, "So Mom when is that princess and prince wedding coming out on DVD so I can watch it again" -- I thought it was a funny question, then I thought it probably will be on DVD knowing the crazy people in the world. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and I think the kids will at least maybe remember it!!

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