Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swimming Stuff

Ok...these are a few weeks old - oops!

So, at the end of April it was Water Safety Week at the place the kids swim. Part of what they needed to do was jump in and swim in their clothes so that IF they ever were to fall into the pool in their clothes they would know what it felt like.

Up first, Gator.

2011-04-26_10-04-44_633 - Copy

The class listening to Coach Carra.

Gator was up first...


I tried to catch her "jumping" but yeah, she's under water there -ooops!

When she came up from the water she got on her back to practice her back float. They were taught in level 3 to jump, roll and shout "help".



Now that she went as far as the teacher wanted her to go she's coming back. She is still on her back.


I guess I didn't take any more pictures of Gator BUT what you would have seen had I continued to take photos is that she kept rolling over onto her stomach to see where the wall was and how much further she had to float.

These are the things the kids need to learn in P4.

2011-04-27_09-44-10_5 - Copy

She has half of them.

THEN...Peanut's turn.


Peanut is in a smaller class - just one other kid.


Am I good or am I great? I get BOTH girls under the water...couldn't I have gotten mid jump or something?


Peanut cannot swim unassisted YET, she's only a P2. She has several basic skills down but she's not totally comfortable solo yet.

She can climb out of the pool solo though!


The girls are doing great and loving swimming. I'm happy to tell you our neighborhood pool has also opened...YAY!


We took the kids last week and they love it. There is a smaller pool for the kids and then a bigger pool. They like both.


Achoo hates this hat but you know what...WHO CARES...his head didn't get burnt! Vegas is embarrassed that I put the hat on the babe. I think he wishes I had something a little more stylish...c'mon this is stylish!

When we're in the kiddie pool I don't have Peanut wear swimmies...


But, in the bigger pool she does...


You can see just how much Achoo likes his hat above hehe!

So, that was the day we all went as a family but a couple days later I left Achoo at home with Vegas and took the girls solo. They loved it...


...even though I made them stay in the small pool!


2011-05-10_18-21-25_325 it was a blast but it got cool fast...


We love the pool - my kids are mermaids!!!

Remember to stay safe near the water...and always watch your kids!!!!

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