Sunday, May 15, 2011

More of the past month...


I'm not sure where to begin - I have a bunch of random stuff to tell you. First, I love this program Bountiful Baskets. I've told you about it before. This is our last basket, not the most current.


The kids love going to get the stuff and then we always find things to do with the stuff. I try to use all of it.


We found out Peanut likes to make ants on a log...and she likes to eat them too!


We've been busy doing lots of things swimming,!


Peanut loves to do school...especially when it involves art projects!


We went to the Baskin Robins 31 cent scoop night...the kids got to climb into the firetruck and they loved it.



I asked them if they wanted to be fire-girls when they grow up...they said no. Doesn't mean they didn't like climbing in the truck though! The best part, icecream!


And, face painting, or arm painting as the kids prefer!


Achoo found a liking for frosting...


Peanut learned about fun dip.


Achoo tried homemade oatmeal cookies...and didn't care for them...


He preferred to crumble them into a million little pieces...


Or, chew it up and then spit it out (that's what is on his face).

This is the pre-spitting it out photo for your enjoyment...


We also got our San Antonio of the things in it


I have been joking that I'll take our parents there when they come...I think my Mom actually might want to go...not to ride it but to see someone else ride it perhaps.

Daddy went out of town and we moved the bounce house into the living room...


It's hot, cold, rainy...whatever the kids needed an outlet. The good news I can easily clean it up so Vegas doesn't have to be reminded of it and pull it out again later. I will admit it kind of looks like a big mess when its deflated.


All the kids love it...and uh, can you see they bring toys into it? That adds to the mess...OY!


We made chocolate scones for breakfast one day...I can't help but think of when we went to Dallas to stay at my cousins and she tried to make scones for us but the dogs ate them during the night while they were rising. These don't need to rise...gotta love Costco.

We found the park on base...


With the REALLY big slide.

Love this kid.


Here she is talking to Nonie on Mother's Day...


Her teenage years will be interesting!

Love this boy...


We went out to dinner for Mother's Day on the day was fun.


The place had a little play area and live music at night...


Love this girl too....


Because how can you not love all three?!

I ended up putting up the bounce house again, but I turned it so the slide doesn't go into the wall..


The girls gave me a, lovely...


We picked our first zucchini from the garden...HUGE!



So, when they aren't outside...they are inside...and life is so busy!




OK...I think that's quite a bit. I just looked at the clock realized its 11pm on Saturday night. I came on here to search for curtains and got carried away blogging! I need to catch some z's. I hope you enjoyed the what you've missed this past me, there is more. I'm hoping to catch up and then have an easier time keeping up with the blog but let's be honest...its not as easy as one would like because when three kids are napping instead of blogging I NAP (or shower, eat, pee LOL)!

Edit to add...the kids also have found a love of homemade pizza...



Can you tell what their favorite ingredient in pizza is? The mac and cheese!!

Ok, really more later now!

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Erika said...

what a busy month!!! it's been so busy here, too- i have been behind in my blogging. lots of pictures to post but no time to post them! ack!!! thank you for sharing- you keep yourselves so busy and inspire me to do the same!