Sunday, May 29, 2011

Games with Gator

One day last week I decided to let Gator skip her nap and have some one on one Momma time while the little people slept.


I used this time to play a game, or several games I should say, with her...


She loves Memory.


And, I love how she says, "I won't cheat if you don't want me to but if you want me to then I'll pick more than two cards..." haha!


She is a lot of fun...and we had a great time that afternoon while the little people slept. The big dilemma is then she was super tired later because hey, she still naps usually! So we had gone out to dinner and she almost fell asleep at the restaurant at like 5:15 and the whole time Vegas was like "This is why she still naps"...oh, and yeah...I know I have it good when my almost 5 year old still naps...!

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