Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today was the Easter Egg Hunt on base for kids ages 2-12. They had it divided into 3 sections and had over 4000 eggs. 2-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Each section "played" at a different time.

The parents were told to stand back and let the kids get the eggs UNLESS they needed help. Like, as in they are 2 and scared. Instead this meant the flash MOB of parents and grandparents....out of the 1200 eggs that they had scattered around my kids each got four. YES four. I'm a little upset about this because other kids had buckets (that were the same ones we had) 30+ eggs. Gator was like, "Momma why are their buckets so full..." Peanut didn't really notice though. Then we get back to where Vegas is with Achoo and we find that GRANDMA's are emptying out their purses because they are "helping" their, hello -- why do YOUR kids have 30+ eggs and ours have 4!?! There were quite a few kids that got 10-15 eggs (which was expected) and several that didn't get so lucky like us and got under 10 BECAUSE of these people that scooped and carried away. This was for 2-5 year olds...I'm sorry but now that was just not fair. We didn't make a stink about it because Vegas isn't like that but a couple other people near us did. They called out some of these Grandma's and Mom's that had scooped up tons of eggs...

Point of the story...its for the kids...don't cheat at a freakin' egg hunt.

I'm not sure what we're going to do now. I know there is another egg hunt next weekend at a church I'm thinking about trying so MAYBE we'll go there but maybe we'll just enjoy the one at our friend's house and the one here that we do for the kids on Easter morning...who knows. Anyways...the kids looked cute and the rest of the activities were kind of fun...but it was all spoiled by those that didn't play so fair. The end!


Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

We're going to an egg hunt next Sunday after mass, I really hope that we don't have to deal with that but I'm sure we will.

The girls looked precious in those dresses! Where did you get them?

Sara said...

Not that it makes it any better.. But at our base they do a HUGE egg hunt. Split it up by like 4 and under in one section and the rest is for all the older kids. Once they open the gates to the field you RUN and you RUN fast. Usually Ricky runs with Gabby and tosses her over a fence to her section (and then gets spoken to :P ). But we're talking 10,000 eggs and they're gone in 2 minutes.

It's obnoxious. It was pouring rain this year and we didn't go because of that and my ankle/crutches. Apparently it STILL happened that way. 2 minutes and it was OVER!