Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our New Pets...

So, awhile ago I bought a kit on Amazon to grow your own butterflies. How cool, huh?

It came and then we had to mail in this little certificate (with five dollars) for caterpillars. We waited, waited...and waited some more and then one day we had a box that said "live bugs" on it. Yup...they were HERE!


They started out super tiny and we didn't have to do much except leave them on the counter (not in the sun). We left a few days later to head up to Dallas and came home to not small caterpillars but giant hair caterpillars. It was a little creepy (I'm just being honest).

Then they built their little cocoons (this has a fancy name -- I'm thinking its crysalids but I'm totally spelling that wrong right now) and we were instructed to wait two more days until they were settled...


Then we removed them and pinned the paper to the side of the pop-up tent where they will reside...


They are in there now and have been for 5 real pictures of everything because I'm slacking BUT you get the point. Anyways, the butterflies are supposed to appear 7-10 days after forming into crysalids. The girls keep looking every morning (they are living in our dining room). Gator thinks they will live forever with us...Vegas keeps saying "how about 2-4 weeks" (that's what the paper says). We shall see. I'll post more when they hatch into butterflies...and I'll keep you posted...but for now, this is our new "pet".

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavillion


Janine said...

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! My kids have been asking for this for years! :)

Erika said...

well, you know how we love to raise butterflies here! so fun! we just finished with a painted lady from school- and then yesterday i went and bought milkweed to attract the monarchs. it is amazing when they emerge from their chrysallises. I love the book "from caterpillar to butterfly"- it's a great one. my oh my a butterfly (the seuss book) is also great... :-)