Friday, April 15, 2011


I love baby feet...these aren't baby feet but they are my babies feet..and I still love them even though they are HUMUNGO!

She loves having her nails painted and getting all dressed up! I finally let her go to town painting her own nails, with supervision of course! She loved it!!


She was so proud of herself!


She also painted Peanut's nails...

And, Peanut loved it!


They then went on to paint a million (or four) more coats on their finger nails!!!


The girls had a great time...I didn't realize how great of a time they had until today when I realized they have been talking non-stop about it for 24 hours! They also painted my nails although I have no photos of that since I was busy with my hands. They asked if they could paint my toes but since I already had polish on them (and it looks pretty good) I just let them do my hands...then I had to wash it off now they said, "its all gone you need more" I guess this weekend it'll be another mani for me!! They've offered their pedi services to Vegas but he's declined.


Erika said...

sooo cute! i love doing mani/pedis together!!!

April G said...

So sweet... makes me a little sad that I'll never have a daughter to do girly things with...

Kelly said...

How embarrassing... your 4 year old does a better job than me when it comes to painting nails.