Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday & eggs.


Usually, I try to decorate our eggs on Good Friday. My plan for this Good Friday included not leaving the house, hanging out in my pjs, coloring eggs and watching some TV.

That's not what happened though! At 5:30 AM Peanut woke up saying her ears fever, so I thought it was nothing BUT since it was the beginning of a holiday weekend I made an appointment for the pediatrician. Good thing-- it was a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION -- ouch, Poor Peanut!

So, while my plans kind of didn't go as planned...I still thought I'd try and decorate eggs...


The girls were on board...sort of!


Gator and Achoo were happy as could be...and she was ready to go with the eggs...


Peanut...well, Peanut wasn't feeling great...still no fever but obviously pain...and taking her picture...NO, she did not want that!


In fact, I wasn't sure she'd even help Gator do any egg coloring...


Achoo sat and watched (with his strawberry mish mash lunch still on his face...ooops!)


It was fun...


And, thankfully Peanut cheered up so she decided to help us!


Only in time for Achoo to get a little hot and bothered about having to just watch...


Next year, buddy!

Anyways, it was a lot of fun...then we let them be in the fridge and slowly the kids went one by one and devoured most of the eggs! I think Peanut only enjoyed peeling the egg but Gator actually enjoyed eating them too!!!

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