Saturday, April 2, 2011

Achoo - the big NINE!


Little man dude isn't so little these days. In fact, he's within a couple pounds of Peanut! He's 28'' and about 23 lbs!


He's crawling, climbing, cruising...

babbling, screaming, giggling...

playing with his sisters, chasing the dogs and playing solo...


He is SUCH a happy baby and we have been so very blessed! He seems to be at or above each developmental milestone...except the eating one. Yup, likes things that are cold (popsicles and teething rings) and soft (yogurt and banana mish mash) and stuff he can throw at the dogs (puffs). But aside from that he doesn't eat much. He chooses to whine, cry, gag, choke, scream....he is really happy though if you're not trying to feed him stuff.


The doctor told us that most kids are eating more than what Achoo eats (I mean because it can take Achoo days to eat a small pouch of mish mash -- the only flavor he really likes and when he eats puffs its a few in his mouth and like 90% on the floor.)


But, seeing all these pictures of him with this popsicle you'd think he'd was a great eater...nope...the doctor said, "he's just lazy" and that "eventually it'll click and he'll be like okay I'll eat" until then...he's happiest with milk still, the occassional extra snack of something yummy!


In the end...he's awesome. Yup, nine months old...crazy. He's a babblin' fool (with just two teeth still) and we all love him!! Especially when he's clean and smells just like a babe!


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Crafty Mom said...

WOW 9 months already he is getting so big. I just love these pictures of him.