Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, if you haven't figured it out I haven't been blogging daily. It has just been SO FREAKING BUSY. We are honestly loving it here!!

Let's see...every week Gator has been taking swimming lessons. She is doing fabulous. I credit this to my horrible experience in 2009 followed by need to make sure every child of mine KNOWS how to swim...which meant super awesome private swim lessons at the end of that summer and again during the summer of 2010. She seemed to be a little fish in water last summer but after a few months off it was a little slow going.


She is doing fabulous now though and is advancing at a good pace. Last week she really impressed me when she jumped off the side, turned onto her back and floated and then yelled "help, help" -- what an awesome thing to teach a child.

I really wanted to get Peanut into classes, too, because summer will be here before I know it and well...they love the water! Originally I thought she had to be three to start but I found out I was wrong!


This is just a quick shot that I took during her assessment to see which class we should put her in. She was hilarious. Ok, so the teacher says "can you blow bubbles" and she's like, "I don't want to" that was pretty much her answer for everything until the teacher asked her to pick something up that was floating and she put it away and said, "I done". will be interesting to see her progress. I'm sure she'll do quite well. I remember Gator was just a little older than her when incident happened and then began swimming with Samuel.

What else has been going on?!

What hasn't...


Peanut's hair finally grew long enough that we could start BRAIDING it. Yes, this is a real milestone because she's just so cute.


She was just so proud to have actual braids instead of her "pigtails" which she called "braids".

Achoo has been busy keeping the couch warm...


And, he gets some help from Daddy on occassion...


I think my favorite thing that happens in the family room is when he gets stuck under the table because its so cute.




The girls have been keeping busy outside. We take them on nature walks frequently and Gator is constantly picking up nature and bringing it home. We had this huge pile going in the garage but since we really didn't want to have it there we decided to limit her to a small bag -- and you know what...she loves it!


Aside from nature walks she's kept busy doing some crafty things around the house too...this activity consisted of making balls for Achoo.


I gave her 100% wool yarn and told her to make it into all different ball sizes. We simply put the balls into pantyhose, tied them off and tossed them in the washer and dryer...VOILA!

Unfortunately, this past week we also dealt with our dog, Barley, and his injury to his back paw.


The poor pup. And, another note...they had to have an interview at a daycare place for boarding purposes. They failed it. I'm not sure how they really failed it because I think they are great dogs but they did. I asked the lady, "Is there a place you could recommend where you send the failures to?" and she replied with, "No, all I know is they are not welcome back here!"

Sounds like they beat some pup up or something right?! Yeah...they growled when someone sniffed their butts...ok WHATEVER.

Like I has been a busy week, month, year...but I am so blessed.


(Achoo was sleeping on me in the beco!).


Zoorho said...

aw sounds so great for you guys. Samuel will so miss the girls this summer.

Erika said...

OMG- i cannot believe that lady was so rude and didn't agree to take them. what?!!!

i really need to start A in swim lessons- she's doing lessons this summer...i think it will be great for her!