Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time for Science

A few weeks ago I ordered a couple garden kits from My First Organics online. They arrived and we didn't do anything with them until last week...


We did half the project in the kitchen which I realized was too messy so we finally brought it outside for the second one....and even Achoo came and helped!


The girls got right to business counting out their pots and prepping all the other stuff...


They took turns filling them with dirt...


So, we had two little itty bitty green houses (one lettuce and one tomato)...we then put them on the window in the kitchen.


This picture was taken March 7th...but yes, they sat there since the 2nd. By a couple days after the planting the lettuce sprouted it took 5 days before the tomatoes sprouted...they both are starting to grow really well now!!


The plan is to move these when they are bigger to the yard outside. We'll be adding a few extra plants as well so it'll be fun to watch our garden grow!! Oh, and I didn't take any photos but school wise Gator is doing a nature journal and taking notes and drawing photos about what is happening to the plants!!

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The Austin Family said...

The best thing about living in Texas?! SO relaxed for homeschooling!! YAY :) Enjoy it!!