Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Recently, I heard about this thing called blanket training. I honestly had never heard of it. Put the kid on the blanket and teach him to stay there...yeah...that doesn't work here!


I have no desire to keep him on the blanket...he won't be able to experience the world around him...


But, I did offer it to know the blanket with the toy if he so chose.


Hmm...doesn't look like he picked blanket does it?


Nope, he didn't!!


I love this kid.

And, I have no desire to "blanket train" him...


I hope he continues to follow his heart...


Erika said...

amen, sista!!!

Crystal said...


Great photos! Blanket training seems so cruel. :(

mum2abby said... does seem very cruel. Especially the technique of training. I am not opposed to offering him a blanket with toys but he doesn't need to stay there if he chooses to go elsewhere. That's just me though...

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

So cute! He looks so big!

Sarah said...

aww i love this!! he's the cutest! :) how on earth do you "blanket train" a curious baby?! just let them go explore!! :)