Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Little Man Achoo...where have the last eight months gone?!

You are so big. So fat. So Mr. Chubbs as I call you. You are incredibly loveable.

You say Dadda...and Momma but only when you need me. You munch on some puffs and have an occassional bite of baby food but really you're not all that interested. You crawl...you're fast. You pull up to standing. You somehow got stuck under our glass coffee table. I need to find that photo and upload it here. You follow your sisters everywhere they go. You don't enjoy being dressed up like a princess...no crowns, high heels for you...trucks and balls you love. You like pulling things off shelves, cuddling on my lap. You like reading stories, having your sisters sing to you...car rides to let you snooze. You love when we tickle your pocket...smell your toes and poke your nose...you enjoy nuzzling my neck, pulling your sisters hair and yelling with your babbling happy self at 5am. You are the most precious little boy one could ever ask for. So incredibly lucky you are mine.






You also, just for the record, enjoy not looking at the camera when I'm calling your name trying to take your EIGHT month photos...uh...68 shots and how many did you look at me?! Twice. Thanks little man...you are lucky you're so cute!

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